The top-down process of developing a strategic marketing plan helps insure that all tactical marketing programs support your company's goals and objectives, as well as convey a consistent message to your customers. This approach improves company efficiency in all areas, which helps improve revenue and market share growth, and minimizes expenses -- all of which lead to higher profitability.

Enhancing a company’s profitability requires uncovering three secrets:

  1. The primary focus is the “product or offer”. Is the perception of what is going to market what you want it to be and what the customer or audience is expecting? How will you segment your offer?
  2. Understand the profit pool of your industry — where your competitors make money.
  3. Creating value by understanding customers, clients or audiences and then sustaining value.

The main purpose of being in business is to create a customer. Thus, profitability is based upon profitable customers and enough of them to exceed operating and production expenses year after year.

More then you could ask or think is a tag lined based upon a work ethic that is continually in-sync with the professionally tested personality traits of patience, paced, compassion, and creative, analytical, detailed, and high confidence level. This personality type is a D/C = calm, consistent, patient / thoughtful, analytical and usually a perfectionist.