Aluminum – Ingot, Foil, Metallurgy, Extrusions, Building Products, Coil, Research and Development

Electronics – Potentiometers, Circuit Boards, Cable Harness

Entertainment – Film and Television Studios, Movie Premiere, Movie Distribution and Production; Associate Producer: "The Diary of James Dean", "James Dean American Legend".

Inventions & New Product Development – Finger Toothbrush for Controlled Institutions, Fingernail Unique Design Machine

Manufacturing – Building Products, Florescent Light Fixtures, Power and Light Utility Poles, Machine Shops, Circuit Boards and Harness, Chemicals for Landscaping, Fire Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings, Cabinets, Clothing, Furniture, Giant Balloons, Aluminum

Medical – Orthopedic Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Medical Practice and Home Health Care

Small Business Consultant – small businesses (up to $40 million annual) throughout Florida and Southern California in diverse industries such as orthopedic medical groups, private investigations, advertising specialties, manufacturers of [metal fabrication, furniture, cabinets, electronics, fire sprinklers, cable/harness, concrete utility poles, printed circuit boards], machine shops, home medical groups, real estate, mortgage, movie studio, movie marketing and distribution, sub-contractors, building contractors, new product start-ups, and building products.

TelecommunicationsProvide complete private fiber optic cable systems--- ‘triple-play' services of telephone, Internet and television for ‘developer-owners of legacy and new apartment communities'.

RAMOS Quantum Pictures
CenturyLink gilbert medical group
DGI Agency GMT Releasing