Sustaining Value through Research and Intelligence


We would acquire qualitative research to explore perceptions, attitudes and motivations from time to time from industry factions along with quantitative research on audiences or customers exhibiting certain behaviors, attitudes, likes / dislikes and wants. Other research would be collating and analysis of secondary data that already exists and other significant data for decision making and strategy development.

Researching customer's satisfaction levels helps to determine the planning direction for meeting objectives. A healthy sampling of your top / best and least desirable customers provides critical insight into the company's attention to customer's needs and what should be done to provide improved profitability from this research.

two tin cans strung together representing communication


This process takes on the style of “how do we take this mountain”? This begins with what this “operation” might be called to establishing a list of what is believed to be major milestones and then how do we reach the end result? What is it we would like to achieve over a certain timetable? Utilization of a PERT Chart helps to keep the plan in perspective.